Dalla Corte PRO 3 Group
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    • The highest grade of espresso system
    • The Dalla Corte PRO series builds upon the advancements made by the EVO series. The coffee machine combines the most modern and highest grade materials with future-orientated functionality.
    • Multi-boiler technology with separately controlled brew heads give the DC Pro the edge in espresso extraction, and the new multifunctional digital display facilitates easy handling and an overview of the coffee machines parameters at all times.
    • Like the EVO series the DC PRO features perfect thermal stability through the Direct Temperature Control System (DCTS), all machine parameters programmable and reviewable using the Digital Control System (DCS) and the Online Control System (OCS), and perfect milk steaming with the Milk Control System (MCS), making the DC PRO the newest addition to the ultimate espresso coffee systems on the market.
    • The machine is also up to 50% more energy efficient than industry standard machines making it the green choice for sustainability conscious cafes.
    • The DTCS independent saturated mono block boiler system gives the DC Pro a brew temperature stability of 0.1* Celcius.
    • Through a patented multi-boiler design, where each boiler is completely independent, the DC PRO can hold this stability in super high volume periods with ease.
    • Low Power Saver mode: In standby the machine slowly lowers its boiler temp to 30%, which allows it to heat up with minimal power / time when back in use.
    • Multi-functional LCD Panel – Gives the Barista immediate control over the machine parameters for extraction.
    • Group temperatures can be set completely independently.
    • Simple Construction – Machine can be accessed for service by removing only 4 screws.
    • Digital Alarms System – Faults are digitally recorded by the machine so there is no guesswork by the technician.
    • Variety of Finishes – The DC Pro comes in 3 finishes – Aluminium, titanium and dynamic white – which feature premium metal particle bases.
    • dimensions (w x h x d) (inches) 37x20,7x20
    • weight (lbs) 194
    • power consumption (24h-stand-by) (Kw) 11,3
    • max power  (Kw) 5,1
    • connected load (Kw/h) 230 V 1 Ph, 200/230 V 3, 400 V 3N - 50/60 Hz
    • boiler capacity (l) 13
    • capacity of groups heads (l) 0,5
    • serial connection   RS 232/485
    • low power system (LPS)   included
    • timer   included
    • rear-lightning   included