Dalla Corte Evo 2 Group
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    • Simple and Effective
    • The Evolution series brings about a revolution in the world of the traditional espresso machines. Perfect thermal stability through the Direct Temperature Control System (DCTS), all machine parameters programmable and reviewable using the Digital Control System (DCS) and the Online Control System (OCS), and perfect milk steaming with the Milk Control System (MCS), makes the Evo series the ultimate in coffee technology.
    • Thermally Insulated - No heat is lost at any point of the heating to extraction process.
    • Multi-functional LCD Panel - Gives the Barista immediate control over the machine parameters for extraction.
    • Group temperatures can be set completely independently.
    • Simple Construction - Machine can be accessed for service by removing only 4 screws.
    • Digital Alarms System - Faults are digitally recorded by the machine so there is no guesswork by the technician.
    • Variety of Finishes - The DC EVO2 comes in 4 standard finishes - Black, White, Aluminium and Amber Red Side panels and also in a high chassis model.
    • Ergonomic Design - Group is visible and low laying, Steam wands feature half-twist, and handle is shaped for ease in repetitive use.
    • Grind Control System (GCS) - Can be integrated with the DC One units for automated stepless grind adjustment.
    • Milk Control System (MCS) - Fully compatible with the MCS
    • Online Control System (OCS) - DC EVO2 can be monitored from anywhere in the world.
    • dimensions (w x h x d) (inches) 28,7x20x21
    • weight (lbs) 148
    • power consumption (24h-stand-by) (kw) 7.9
    • max power (kw) 4.3
    • connected load 230 V 1 Ph, 200/230 V 3, 400 V 3N - 50/60 Hz
    • boiler capacity (l) 7.5
    • capacity of group heads (l) 0.5
    • serial connection for GCS, OCS, Cashsystem