To build the dream, you need the right tools.

And that goes double if you’re in hospitality.

As a chef, restaurateur, franchisee or architect, having top-notch equipment you can rely on isn’t a luxury. It’s a right.

At Ozicater, we help you find the absolute best gear, at the best price, through the best service. We want to meet your needs — and then some.

We began as suppliers for the coffee industry, but customers kept asking for a wider range of hospitality equipment. We listened.  Through years of extensive research and relationship building, we were able to offer a huge range of equipment, plus finance, design, and custom fabrication solutions.

It’s a tough market out there, but our exceptional equipment and personalised service meant we stood out — and Ozicater grew more than 400% each year.

Now, we’re a one-stop shop for the hospitality sector. With over 5000 products, you’ll find everything you could ever want for a bar, restaurant or commercial kitchen — all in one place.

Because building your dream is easier with Ozicater.